May, Senior project manager:

“Birgitta’s support has absolutely exceeded my expectations. She has developed a deep interview system where she was on the one hand digging deep into discovering my competences (even I was surprised to discover additional ones that really mattered for the job application at hand), and on the other delving in getting to know my personality in order to best mirror it in  my CV and personal letter.

Her system is demanding but definitely the most professional approach I have encountered. Most importantly she created an atmosphere of trust and intimacy, a feeling of being listened to and a sincere interest in my professional growth”.

Magnus, online marketing strategist: 

”I had a hard time finding a good structure and layout for my cover letter. By chance I found cvhjä’s website when I was browsing for cover letter tips. I am very pleased with the result. The whole process from start to finish has been very professional. I also appreciate the valuable tips I have received.”

Anders, business area manager:

”Birgitta is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to writing. The CV and cover letter she has written are brilliant. I am very pleased and will tell others about Birgitta’s résumé/ CV service”.

Karin, customer service manager:

”I wanted to know if Birgitta could write a better cover letter than the ones I have composed so far. The result is a great letter. I am very pleased with Birgitta’s work.”

Amina, controller:

”Thanks for a great job with my CV and cover letter. I needed new application papers – in English – and am very pleased with the result.”

Cover letter

Senior (55+ specialist), non-Swedish citizen, living on another continent.

Jane, senior usability specialist:

”Engaging Birgitta not only made my CV look so much better, it also boosted my confidence in what I can offer a future employer. I am very pleased.”

Carl, project leader:

”Now my CV and cover letter are looking really great: attractive and easy to read. 

Both documents have been tailored to fit a particular job opening. I am very pleased to have these professional documents.”

Heléne, administrator:

”I’m thrilled! Your work is very professional, and you really care about each customer. It feels like you are very passionate about what you do. 

When I applied for an opening using my new CV and cover letter I was selected for an interview – out of the over 500 applicants.”

Caroline, lawyer:

”Many thanks for creating a CV that is both professional looking and easy to understand. Next time I went for an interview I was told that my CV stood out and was among the best. I am forever grateful for what you did!”.

Annica, marketing assistant:

”Having applied for jobs for the past six months without any luck I felt it was time to update my CV and cover letter. I hired Birgitta who did a complete ”makeover” in terms of both layout and content. Now my cv and résumé look attractive and professional. I am very grateful for your help!” 

Ps. Right after I started using my ”new” résumé and cover letter two HR-departments contacted me. And one of them scheduled an interview with me.

LinkedIn etc.

Eva-Lisa, sales manager:

”Birgitta has transformed my Linkedin-profile from being a ”ugly duckling” into a beautiful swan. My new profile mirrors me and my professional background in an amazing way. It couldn’t be better. I am very pleased!”

Stefan, senior project manager:

”To me it is important to get that extra touch that makes my application stand out. By hiring Birgitta you get a professional CV and a professional cover letter – with the extra touch. I am very pleased.”

Carina, administrative assistant:

”After having composed several cover letters and CVs on my own I decided it was time to hire a professional. And I am so happy I did. Birgitta has provided me with two very useful documents. I am very pleased!
The response and turnaround times were fast. And it was easy to follow the process and review the drafts.

If you need help getting a cover letter and CV that stands out, don’t hesitate to hire Birgitta!”

Ingela, CEO:

”Birgitta finds it easy to understand who you are, what skills and qualities you possess and how you express yourself in writing.

This enabled her to rewrite and improve my text – and still make it sound like me. I can highly recommend Birgitta’s CV and cover letter services.”