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About CV-Hjälpen, Birgitta Möller and her certifications, international publications and press & media

Why I became a professional resume expert

Five weeks before I was due to return from my parental leave, my boss called and told me that I would be laid off due to a lack of work.

Even though I had made it through two different rounds of layoffs where it sometimes felt like ’the whole sea is storming’, losing my job was a shock. As a relatively new parent, how would I get a new job?

I applied for and got a job as a consultant at a global telecom company with an office in Copenhagen. Although I had a great time, a few years later I chose to look for a new job in Sweden instead. This time at a global company in Lund. After a few years, I applied to a small Swedish start-up company.

We moved into completely newly renovated premises and worked there for 3 weeks before the owners shut down the company. Suddenly I had no job. Again. What should I do this time?

Over the years, colleagues and friends had asked me to help them review their applications. That’s how I got the idea to start working as a professional CV expert. 

 Why not take advantage of my experience of having changed careers, written many applications and helped others with their applications?

My very first CV client was called for an interview, there were over 500 applicants for the one position. My second client got a job with the help of the CV and cover letter I wrote for this person.

It has now been 10+ years since I started my company CVhjälpen. Today I have written 1000+ CVs and a total of aboout 2,000 resumes, Linkedin profiles, consultant CVs and cover letters. I work with clients both in Sweden and around the world. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s great fun to be able to make a difference in people’s lives every week.

I have also had recurring assignments where I helped both large global companies with consulting CVs to be included in various tenders, as well as smaller consulting companies to win assignments.

Before I started my own company, I had worked in smaller former startups, mid-size Swedish companies and large global companies. I am used to having daily contact with colleagues in China, the USA, Finland, Denmark, and many other countries. In addition, I have also spent almost 5 years abroad, in Canada, Denmark, the USA, and Australia.

Today, I have the whole world as my field of work and get to work with what I do best; write professional resumes, Linkedin profiles, consulting resumes and cover letters that ”stand out” in both Swedish and English to my clients.

Why hire Birgitta Möller?

  • I am a certified CV writer – basic certification and master certification. This means that I have undergone a very demanding training with many sub-exams. I am a specialist in CV strategies, format and layout, customer positioning. I know how to build a personal brand, and how to write LinkedIn profiles.

Being certified means that the content I write and the layout I decide on for each application letter, consultant CV, LinkedIn profile, and CV is individual. I do not use templates.

  • Examples of what I do have been selected for 9 years running (each time I submitted a contribution). The samples are included in international career books and trainings organized by the world’s leading resume writing and certification organization.
  • By being an associate member of an international think tank in the career field – the now and next – and attending an international career symposium annually, I keep up to date with trends within my field of expertise.
  • All documents I write in English are proofed by a professional native English proofreader who specializes in proofreading CVs and LinkedIn profiles. This person is also hired by several of my English-speaking colleagues.

Are you ready to get started?

Certifications & international publications

    Participating in global education for the 11th time

    For the 11th time, my work was selected for a global training in February 2024. RWA, the organization that educates CV experts globally (”training world-class writers globally”) is conducting these training sessions. 

    Participating in new global education

    September 2023. For the 10th time, the organization RWA – Resume Writing Academy, which trains CV experts globally (”training world-class writers globally”) wanted to include examples of my work in one of their courses.

    6th book I’m selected for

    I am proud to have my work included in both the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions of this international career book published by resume industry leaders Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow.

    “We’ve chosen your work to feature in MODERNIZE YOUR RESUME, 3rd edition, which is hot off the press and ready for distribution.”

    “It is ALWAYS our pleasure to publish your work, Birgitta!” Wendy Enelow on LinkedIn, January 2023

    Almost 50 professional resume writers ”at the top of their game” are represented in this new book, and I’m one of the lucky two resume writers with four samples selected for the 3rd edition.

    Book for GenZ

    In the Spring of 2023, a sample of my work will be included in a new international career book focusing on writing resumes for recent graduates and GenZ. I’m very proud to be one of the certified resume writers that were selected in very stiff competition by resume industry pioneers. 

    “It is a comprehensive, yet concise, guide to every step of the job-search process for new grads, from finding a focus and developing resume/letters/LinkedIn to conducting a job search and acing every interview.”

    1 of 28 MRW

    In November 2021, my master’s certification (MRW) was renewed. I am the only person outside North America with this certification. 

    Master in Resumes

    In June 2017, I achieved my second CV certification – MRW – Master Resume Writer. I am now one of only 20 people worldwide to hold this prestigious title, and the sole MRW in Europe. To obtain this certification, I had to meet the following requirements: a minimum of 5 years as a professional CV expert, submission of a portfolio containing 5 client documents (CVs + letters) that were reviewed by an evaluation committee based on predetermined criteria, explanation of tactics/strategy and layout for each submitted CV/letter, and demonstration of the transformation of clients’ CVs/letters before and after my assistance. At CVHjälpen, I am committed to providing expert CV writing services that have been recognised and validated by the MRW certification.

    1st in Europa

    I earned my first certification on January 8th, 2015, and became the first European ACRW-certified resume (CV) writer. I completed a rigorous training program – a minimum of 80%/test is required to pass 16 tests.

    Having completed this high-level certification means I have joined a group of about 100 ACRWs worldwide.
    After the certification, I was hand-selected for an exclusive Guild of Resume Writers, working with top executives worldwide.

    Selected for new book 

    In December 2015, my work (100% of my submissions) were selected for a new career book* by resume industry leaders.

    I was very proud to have my work included with 54 professional resume writers ”at the top of their game” in this new book by resume industry leaders (December 2015).

    This book includes 80+ resume samples, and out of the 54 contributors, I belong to the 24.5% of CV experts that had 2 submissions selected.

    Career book 2nd edition

    ”Birgitta – It is always a please to showcase your excellent work!” Louise Kursmark, November 2018.

    I am proud to have my work included in both the 1st and 2nd editions of the book by resume industry leaders Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow.

    The 2nd edition includes 90+ resume samples and three of those samples are mine. More than 400 resumes were submitted, by certified resume writers, for the 1st edition (80 were selected), and 100+ were submitted for the 2nd edition (≈10 were selected).

    Grads & Young professionals

    In November 2022, 4 samples of my work was selected for international training. Only certified writers are asked to submit.

    Challenging situations

    In May 2021, CTL (certifying global organization) selected my work to be included in international training.

    Marketing, Sales & Business 

    In September 2020, my work was included (1 of 9 selected samples) in international training. 

    Selected for new book

    In the Spring of 2020, sample(s) of my work will be included in a new international career book focusing on writing resumes for managers and executives. I’m proud to have been selected three times out of three tries (three books) in very stiff competition by resume industry pioneers/legends.

    I am the only one in Sweden that writes your CV / resume in Swedish or English.

    Global training

    December 2018. Both submitted samples (=100%) of my work were selected for this global training course.

    Distinct Design

    In September 2017, both my submissions were selected for a global master class.
    In September and November 2016, September 2017, and March 2018 samples of my work were selected for international E-summits / training courses.

    CV for 50+

    In September 2018, four of my submitted samples (=100%) of my work were selected for this global training course.

    Challenging situations

    My work (CVs/resumes) were selected for global trainings and career books. March 2018.
    In September and November 2016, September 2017, and March 2018 samples of my work were selected for international E-summits / training courses.

    Press & media

      Major newspaper

      Sunday, Sep 3rd (2023), I was interviewed along with a few other career experts in one of Sweden’s largest and most influential newspapers (pages 26-27).

      Here is a link to the spread: https://www.dn.se/ekonomi/experterna-tipsar-sa-far-du-dromjobbet-har-ar-missarna-att-undvika/

      CEO Magazine

      In February 2023, I was interviewed on best-practice for CEOs when writing resumes (CVs). Link here: https://vdtidningen.se/sa-ska-ett-vd-cv-se-ut/

      White collar magazine

      Kollega, issue 1/2023 contains the article where I talk about how to write the “perfect” CV/resume. Kollega’s circulation is  700.000 (white collar members).

      Link to e-magazine here (pages 44-45):  https://www.e-magin.se/latestpaper/qc875sqt/paper/1#/paper/sqj0882x/1

      Here’s a link to just the article in digital format: https://kollega.se/soka-jobb/hur-skriver-man-ett-bra-cv

      Life style magazine

      In July 2019, the monthly lifestyle magazine featured a 3-page interview with me on maximizing your resume. Here is a link to the digital version.

      Swedish public radio

      June 10, 2019, I was invited by Swedish public radio (P4 Extra) to talk about do’s and don’ts when it comes to resume writing. Link to interview here (in Swedish).

      Swedish public radio

      February 14, 2019, I was invited by Swedish public radio (P4 Radio Malmöhus)  to talk about how to write resumes that set you apart.

      Nationwide paper

      Thursday, Nov 8, 2018, I focused on how the junior workforce (15+) should write their very first cover letter. What to include and what not to include. Link to the full-length article here (9 bullets).

      Business magazine

      In October, business magazine Veckans Affärer (issued Oct 1st,  2015) interviewed me. I advise on best practices for resume and LinkedIn writing, pages 60 + 62.

      Executive magazine

      Bi-monthly business magazine ”Chef” (Executive/Manager), issued August 25, 2015 (#8), interviewed me on how to write a successful cover letter.

      Click the image to read the article, of click this link to read the digital version.

      National daily paper

      Sunday, March 22nd, 2015, the daily national paper SvD published an article – my career advice, ”Bygg upp ett cv-skafferi” where I advised on resume writing.

      Executive magazine

      Friday, February 20th, 2015 (#2) Business magazine Chef interviewed me on how to use LinkedIn.

      Here is a link to the digital version of the article

      National newspaper

      Sunday, February 2nd, 2015,  I was featured on the cover of the daily national newspaper Sydsvenskan’s Lund edition.

      Click this sentence to read the article.