Cover Letters for job hunters

Not all people feel comfortable writing about themselves, to highlight what they are good at, to market themselves. I am a pro at these things; wording and packaging information so that the reader wants to learn more. Let me help you!

Make sure that your resume will set you apart from your competition.
Why hire me?

  • I am a certified CV writer (the first in Europe to be ARCW certified and MRW certified) who has been published in two career books, including a new "CV Bible" published by industry legends who selected my contributions from ≈400 contributions submitted by > 100 writers (only 20% of the contributions were accepted) and a new European career book.
  • Samples of my work have also been selected  2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 be included in global web trainings.
  • I am an active member of a global think tank of career industry leaders focused on best practices and trends in CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters. I regularly attend this network's annual conference in the United States.
  • I invest time and money every year in my clients' careers by regularly participating in seminars and webinars in order to learn more and stay ahead of developments in the field.
  • Each cover letter and CV I write is individually designed. I don’t use templates.

When you work with me, we engage in a thorough process in which we work together to gather accurate, relevant information about you and your background.

I work without any "middleman". It's me, and no one else who write your cover letter.
When you engage my services, you get a personal response. 

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I use 3 different price segments*; BASIC, INTERM. and ADVANCED:
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for a person with little or no work experience
for people with more than 2 years of work experience
for people having worked many years as managers, specialists, entrepreneurs, and/or held executive positions.
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* These prices are valid for individuals. Companies will receive a tender depending on requested services.