Why hire me?

  • I am a certified CV writer (the first in Europe to be ARCW certified). This means that I have been professionally trained to write strategic resumes and master all tactical aspects of resume(CV) writing, including formatting, and page design.

    This also means that you will never have a 'cookie cutter' resume that will make you look like everyone else that is vying for the position.
  • Often seen as an expert in my industry, my work has been published in career books, published by industry legends. (More than 400 resumes were submitted, by certified resume writers, for the 1st edition (80 were selected) and 100+ were submitted for the 2nd edition (15 were selected).) Samples of my work have also been selected in 2016, 2017, and 2018 to be included by the world's premier resume training and certification organization in their global e-summits (webinars).
  • I am updated on trends - the now, then and next when it comes to practices and trends in CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters.
  • I am a member of LinkedIn Nordic’s group of hand-picked LinkedIn experts. This means I am aware of the newest most powerful features that can help you get hired fast.

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