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  • Are you struggling to articulate your value on your resume, Linkedin profile, and in your cover letter?  
  • Have you wasted hours trying to write your resume only to realize it’s terrible?
  • Is it difficult for you to identify what makes you more valuable and desirable to employers?
  • Are you being overlooked for the key job opportunities because you are not marketing yourself well?
  • Are you ready to play at a higher level?

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  • CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and other C Suite Executives trust me to position them to stand out. Connect with me.
  • Business and IT consultants lean on my strategic resume writing when they’re looking for content that builds trust and confidence and ultimately convert more leads into clients. Talk to me about your needs.
  • Specialist, entrepreneurs, project leaders, or managers rely on me to identify and communicate their differentiators, personal brand, and captivate employers. Chat with me about your goals.

If you don't fall within these categories, don’t worry! I would love to help you. Contact me to find out how I can help you!

Raving Reviews

"Birgitta is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to writing. The resume and cover letter she has written are brilliant."
Business Area Manager
"The response from the CEO (at company X) to my new resume was almost overwhelming,"
"Your resume received top marks, the headhunt said it described me very well. Fantastic job! I am very pleased."
If you need a resume, Linkedin profile, cover letter, or consultant CV that will help you get the job, you need me.

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